Welcome to Xrazi Arts

Give yourself and your children the chance to embrace your artistic side. Try our great arts and crafts products, Whether it’s learning a new handcraft or getting messy with paints, you will love the our vast collection of arts and crafts stock.

Benefits of Engaging Arts & Crafts with Xrazi Arts 


The best way to bring the family closer and to have fun is the arts & crafts way. From picking colors to picking patterns, from visualizing to creating, it is fun to make something with your own hands. And it seems that we could all use a little more fun in our lives.


Nothing like a new project to get the juices of creativity flowing. Are you ready to make something for yourself or as a gift? What colors will you use? How big should it be? Should it be practical or frivolous? How will you feel as you’re creating it? How will you feel when it is finished? U will love that creative spirit.


When looking at the finsh product it makes one feel really, really good about what he/she made. You feel empowered. U know that U can start something and finish it. It teaches you to be more self-sufficient and have the ability to make things for myself.

Wonderful Hobby

It’s nice to have a hobby that allows you to express your inner artist and design something beautiful and/or useful. Hobbies are a great way to take your mind off of work or challenges you might be having in your life. They are a wonderful distraction if you need one.

Meditative / Relaxing

Doing arts and crafts always make people feel so much more calm and peaceful. It helps you focus and be more centered. It really is like a good session of meditation. 

Eye-Hand Coordination & Brain Health

Crafting can be an excellent way to keep our brains youthful as well as optimizing our eye-hand coordination. Studies have shown that it’s imperative that we keep our brains active as we age so we don’t stagnate. And using our hands to craft is an excellent way to stimulate our brains in new and challenging ways

We have so much to choose from…

Mosaic tiles
42 different colour craft paints
Chalk paints
Fabric paints
Various colours of Ribbons
Clear glass tiles
Craft Glue
Liquid glass
Wooden laser cut patterns
Clock hands and machines
Art paper

Lots of different inserts,
And lots of other craft products.

A passion for creative art and crafts has been the driving force behind Xrazy Arts.